This website describes the first edition of the Tin Compasses, presented during the International Furniture Fair (14/19 April 2010) at the Triennale Bovisa (Milan).
The workshops and exhibition, which will take place at the Triennale Bovisa from 14 April through to the end of May, are the idea of Alessandro Guerriero and Riccardo Dalisi and are promoted by NABA and the Triennale Design Museum.

Nokia mobile becomes a lowcost medical microscope
Nokia mobile becomes a lowcost medical microscope
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David Breslauer e altri bioingegneri della California Berkeley University
Contro il luogo comune che vuole la diagnostica con tecnologie sofisticatissime, qui un telefonino diventa un microscopio per usi clinici. Una possibile e forse utopica svolta all'approccio costoso dei devices medicali.

Highlighted by: Remo Ricchetti


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