This website describes the first edition of the Tin Compasses, presented during the International Furniture Fair (14/19 April 2010) at the Triennale Bovisa (Milan).
The workshops and exhibition, which will take place at the Triennale Bovisa from 14 April through to the end of May, are the idea of Alessandro Guerriero and Riccardo Dalisi and are promoted by NABA and the Triennale Design Museum.

cardellino lamp
cardellino lamp
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su.d. collective
Cardellino, a lamp which captures the neopolitan character through its form and concept. Naples, according to su.d. collective, is a captured by the intangible. In fact, the design takes its cue from 'aria di napoli', a tongue and cheek souvenir project which attempts to trap neopolitan air from various regions known for their high doses of exhaust gas. This souvenir of naples air serves as life-saver for the offsite neapolitan in case of acute nostalgia. In the same way, cardellino 'puts into a cage' another immaterial element: light.

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