Daily News

Daily News is a leading English-language newspaper in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa. Its focus is on timely and accessible information. It also offers popular platforms for readers to interact with each other and the editor.

Educators can find breaking stories that are relevant to their students, along with questions and lesson plans. This makes News-O-Matic a great resource for teachers to use as a supplement to other teaching materials.

The Daily News E-dition is available every day for a convenient and affordable reading experience on your computer or mobile device. Its simple user interface and latest digital tools ensure an engaging reading experience.

Breaking News – The Most Current and Exciting Topics

Get the most important and interesting news delivered to you each day. From world, sports and entertainment stories to science, technology and even the most eerie news, Daily News has you covered.

Breaking News – The Most Current and Exciting Topics

This section features the most recent and exciting stories that have taken place in the world, from around the globe, and on any topic. From a nine-year-old boy’s accidental discovery of his ancestral human ancestor to the newest revelations in ancient history, these articles are sure to inspire you.

News-O-Matic – Text Sets and Lesson Plans

Browse through text sets based on key topics in ELA, science, social studies and SEL. Each unit has objectives and essential questions that align to state and national standards.

The News-O-Matic site includes comprehension and critical thinking questions, along with a “Background” and “Resources” page to help your students understand what they are reading.

Each article has links to video clips and maps to enhance your students’ learning. This helps you teach your students how to use media to learn more about the story, as well as why it is important to understand it.

Search for Articles by Standards and Content Type

The content of each article is correlated to state and national standards, making it easy to choose a topic that aligns with your curriculum. This helps you meet Common Core or state-specific language arts, science, social studies and SEL objectives.

A News Story is a Short Report on What People Were Talking About at the Time

A news story is a brief reporting of an event that happened or something that is happening in the world, and it is usually accompanied by an opinion. It can be critical, angry, passionate, satirical or neutral.

It must be written in an objective manner that is clear, precise and easy to read. It is important to write in a way that conveys the truth of the news report.

A good news story should be brief and not be more than 500 words long, generally speaking. This is so that it can be read quickly and still remain a complete piece of work. If you want to make it a little longer, consider using direct quotes, as this will ensure that the reader has a full understanding of the story.