Daily News

Founded in 1919 by Joseph Medill Patterson, the New York Daily News was the first daily newspaper to be printed in the tabloid format. The paper was a success. It reached its peak circulation of 2.4 million copies a day in 1947. During the era of “Whispers and Whispers”, the paper attracted readers with sensational coverage of crime and social intrigue.

The paper’s editorial stance has been described by the New York Times as “high-minded, flexible, and centrist”. The paper has won 11 Pulitzer Prizes for commentary. Despite its financial troubles, it has continued to cover New York City with a strong focus on local news and sports. The Daily News is published by Johnson Newspaper Corp., a family-owned multimedia company that covers New York state, the Hudson Valley, and the North Country. The Daily News also publishes niche publications devoted to local businesses and agriculture.

The Daily News was one of the first newspapers to use the Associated Press wirephoto service during the 1930s. It also became one of the first newspapers in the United States to print cartoons. The paper espoused conservative populism from the 1940s through the 1960s.

In the mid-1970s, the paper began to shift. The Daily News no longer had the ability to hold the city’s attention with a single headline. Instead, the paper’s editors decided to concentrate on local news, and they began to produce niche publications devoted to local businesses and agriculture. The paper became one of the country’s top-selling newspapers in the 1970s and 1980s. It also gained a reputation as a moderate liberal alternative to the right-wing New York Post. The paper continued to offer strong local news coverage until it was purchased by Tribune Publishing in 2006.

The Daily News was once one of the country’s largest circulation newspapers. It was a metro tabloid that published every day, except Sunday. By the late 1970s, the circulation of the Daily News had declined to about 200,000 copies a day. By 1991, the paper’s WPIX radio station had been purchased by Emmis Communications. In 1993, the paper was purchased by media mogul Mortimer B. Zuckerman. The paper changed its name to the Daily News, and a few months later, it became a morning paper.

In 2017, the paper was sold by Mortimer B. Zuckerman to Chicago-based media company Tronc for a nominal $1. The company has since imposed furloughs, pay cuts, and slashed its newsroom staff in half. However, the paper remains one of the most popular newspapers in the country.

The Daily News has won awards for feature writing and advertising. It has also won the Pulitzer Prize for public service in 2017. The newspaper has an interactive edition that is available on mobile devices and computers. This interactive version offers users the latest digital tools for sharing stories. The paper is also known for its large, prominent photographs of New York City.

The Daily News has won several awards for photography. It has produced several special issues, including the Yale-Harvard Game Day Issue and the First Year Issue. It has also produced several cultural and student-produced issues. Several student contributors have gone on to prestigious careers in journalism and public life.