The Daily News is one of the largest newspapers in the United States. It’s based in New York City, where it covers sports and crime. With a circulation of more than 200,000, it is the ninth most widely read newspaper in the country. Despite its financial struggles, it has continued to produce excellent local news coverage, and it has won several Pulitzer Prizes.

Although it began as a tabloid, The Daily News eventually expanded into a morning, broadsheet newspaper. During the early 1930s, the paper became one of the first American newspapers to use the Associated Press wirephoto service. This allowed the paper to create a large number of photographers. As a result, the Daily News attracted readers with its lurid photographs of criminals.

In 1947, the Daily News reached a peak circulation of 2.4 million copies a day. After that, the newspaper’s circulation declined. However, its news coverage of local and national political issues, as well as its sensational crime coverage, kept it in high demand. In the 1970s, the Daily News began shifting its editorial stance. From a conservative populist stance, the Daily News moved towards a more moderate, center-left position.

Several prominent journalists have worked for the Daily News. These include former NBC reporter Dax Tejera, who died of a heart attack on December 23. He was a veteran of the network, as well as ABC’s This Week. Gio Benitez paid tribute to him on Saturday.

The Daily News was founded in 1919. At that time, it was called the Illustrated Daily News. Eventually, it would become the Los Angeles Mirror. But it was only after a few months that the paper changed its name to the Daily News.

When the Daily News started printing in tabloid form, it became the first daily newspaper in the United States to gain success. The newspaper gained a reputation as a moderate, liberal alternative to the right-wing Post. During World War II, the Daily News supported isolationism, while also providing strong sports coverage.

By the late 1990s, the Daily News had a circulation of just over 200,000. The company was bought out by Tronc, a media company based in Chicago. Before Tronc purchased the paper, the Daily News had already fallen on hard times. Consequently, Tribune Publishing, the owners of the newspaper, slashed its staff by more than half.

After a decade, the Daily News was sold to Tribune Publishing. In 2017, the media company announced the purchase of the Daily News for $1. Upon purchasing the newspaper, Tronc agreed to assume all the paper’s liabilities.

Aside from its website, the Daily News has a number of digital platforms that allow users to interact with the newspaper. Some of these features include a mobile version and an interactive edition. Users can also download editions for offline reading. All of these options provide an improved reading experience. You can also share stories through email, as well as swipe through pages to get more information.