Daily News

The New York Daily News has had financial issues for decades. In 1993, the newspaper was bought out of bankruptcy by Mortimer B. Zuckerman, who sold it to Tribune Publishing for $1 in 2017. The Daily News won a Pulitzer Prize for public service in 2017 for exposing the misuse of eviction laws by the New York City Police Department.

Alden Global Capital

The Alden Global Capital Daily News is owned by a hedge fund. It is also considered a “vulture hedge fund,” meaning that it targets distressed assets and businesses. However, while Alden is a large media company with a broad range of interests, its recent history makes it appear that it isn’t entirely out of the woods. For one thing, the company has sold off some real estate assets, and its employees are being laid off.

The company has made headlines lately for decimating newsrooms. The company recently acquired the Daily News from Tribune Publishing for $630 million. The previous owner, Tronc, had already laid off half of the staff. The current ownership of the Daily News is following a similar playbook.

New York Daily News

The New York Daily News is an American newspaper. It is based in Jersey City, NJ. The newspaper was founded by Joseph Medill Patterson in 1919 as the Illustrated Daily News. It was the first daily newspaper in the United States to be published in a tabloid format. At its peak, the newspaper sold 2.4 million copies a day.

In its earliest years, the New York Daily News’s headquarters straddled the tracks that led into Pennsylvania Station. Today, the paper’s former home is the world headquarters of Associated Press. It was here that a reporter, strapped his camera to his leg to photograph a death by firing squad. The newspaper headlined the photograph “DEAD!”

Chicago Daily News

The Chicago Daily News is an old newspaper that was published in Chicago, Illinois. It was a daily paper that was published in Chicago and the surrounding area. It was a popular publication that covered a variety of topics and covered local news. It also covered politics, business, and culture. It was one of the most widely read newspapers in the midwest.

It was published in Chicago from 1875 to 1978. For many years, it was sold for one cent a day and was read by a diverse group of Chicagoans. It was known for its investigative reporting, foreign coverage, and quality writing, and earned 15 Pulitzer Prizes during its lifetime. Lawson bought the newspaper in 1878 and took complete control of it a few years later.

Orlando Sentinel

The Orlando Sentinel’s local news update is packed with updates on the latest happenings around Central Florida. Tuesday’s edition of the newspaper features details about the new governor of Florida, a UCF football coach’s slaying, vaccine passports, debates over scooters downtown, and the return of the Florida Puerto Rican Parade.

In the news on Thursday, the Orlando Sentinel has details of a toddler who accidentally shot his mother. It also has the latest on William Shatner’s space launch with Blue Origin, the collapsed crane at AdventHealth Orlando, and a quadruple homicide in Polk County.